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Want your kid to stand out from the crowd? Brand fun images onto their toast at their next party!
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Linda and The Mom Squad

Here I am with my son Derek. He is the strongest-willed kid on the face of the earth! However, I  must admit, that he makes me a mush ball :) …something I never expected. Derek has numerous food allergies some of which are soy, eggs, dairy, fish and nuts. Developing the Tasty Baker was our way of making food taste better "visually". When Derek was old enough, we tried our first recipe with egg replacer and gluten and dairy free products; a success!                                                                                                                                                                                                              Linda               Dan     

Here's Derek with my husband Dan.

Dan is also part of the MomSquad. Yes, we work together…don't get me started! Danny keeps the operations moving smoothly. When  your product makes it from the  factory to us and then to your door in one piece, thanks Dan!                                                                               

Here is my sister Dana: our bookkeeper, account and office manager.  But her favorite thing in the office? Baking.  Dana not only conceives and tests many of our recipes, she also attends baking classes at a prominent cooking school here in NYC.  Lucky for everyone else, the Tasty Baker is foolproof and easy!                                                                    

                                                                                                                               Dana                 Meredith

This is Meredith with her son Kyle. I met Meredith 15 years ago when she was my buyer for a prominent spirits company. In a shockingly, fabulous moment, Meredith left her management job behind to help me develop our very first toasters (I gave her my best pathetic face :)). With Meredith's amazing guidance and 2 years of engineering, the POP ART Toaster was born.                         


This is Steve, Meredith's husband with their daughter Camille. Steve is the General Manager of Michael's Restaurant (yes, he is very important). So naturally, Steve our resident foodie, competes with Dana as our recipe guru and all around "you should do it this way" guy. His imagination has pushed us to develop new products and food ideas.                                                     


OK, this picture has absolutely no bearing on the company, but we thought it was so cute! Steve is also a musician and in his spare time (ha!), he has jam sessions with Derek, Kyle and Camille. It is awesome to be a family in and out of the office!


And then there is Jodi with her daughter Natali. They are probably singularly responsible for the idea behind the Creativity Coloring Kit; accidentally of course. Before Derek came along, we would close the office and vacation together with our Pop Art Toaster in tow. But Natali made it quite clear that crayons and coloring books were key components to a good breakfast and a new product was launched!

Natali is such a pro that we photographed her with Jo using the product for our catalog and gift box.  It’s all real!



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