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Want your kid to stand out from the crowd? Brand fun images onto their toast at their next party!
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Social Responsibility

As most of you know, we are a small company compiled of family and friends. We are very fortunate to produce products that we truly believe in and use daily with our own kids.

For those of you who know Danny and I, and our son Derek, his sensory processing disorder made any meal in our home an anxiety ridden spectacle. I am embarrassed to say that this led to Dan and me fighting over who got to stay at work and who went home to feed Derek dinner. Derek's inability to sit still for more than 30 seconds was maddening. He usually ended up under the table or trampoline with a trail of spilling food in tow. When Derek hit 2 years old, it was time to practice what we preach. I brought home the original Tasty Baker. At that time, we had not tested gluten-free products, egg replacers or milk substitutes so I was ready for disaster. Derek stood on a chair and helped me mix all of the ingredients and was more than happy to discuss the different shapes. Thank God, I was able to whip out a portion of "special" pancakes quickly for him to try. Though I had been preaching the effectiveness of this product to anyone who would listen, I have to admit, I didn't really think it could tame MY son. But seriously, it was amazing. He was so busy discussing the shapes and moving them around the table, that we witnessed 15 minutes of un-interrupted dinner for the first time. And with no syrup I might add! Small step to some; huge for us.

I harbored the fear for awhile that Derek was autistic but we are very fortunate that it is not the case. After our success at home, I asked some of Derek's occupational therapists to give our products to their "kids" and the comments were extremely positive. We then found out that many of our blogger fans had family or friends with autism and have asked them to test the product as well. Below are some of the results:


The Dirty Shirt

Mommy of 3

Super Mommy to the Rescue

The Karianna Spectrum

In Fall 2010, Derek started pre-school at CPEL, a school for kids with disabilities. We donated a creativity coloring toaster kit to each classroom with happy results:


"Hello Linda…my name is Heather…our class was the first to use the Creativity Coloring Kit (Pop Art Toaster) and we loved it!! The children found it to be fascinating and so did the staff! It was a fun and engaging activity!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful product with us! We would love to learn more about your other products as well!!" - teacher at CPEL

Based on what we have learned, we would like to become more involved in the autistic/SPD community/organizations in the hopes that we can make just minutes of mealtime a happier, more productive experience for families struggling with this issue. We will keep you updated to our progress!


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